Youth in the juvenile justice system

Youth in the juvenile justice system are a wide range of ages from young children to older teenagers. The
physical, psychological, educational and social needs of this wide age range of youth presents unique
challenges to every part of the system from law enforcement officers to corrections officers. At every point in
the juvenile justice system, working with a 7 year old is never the same as working with a 17 year old. Choose
and identify one point in the juvenile justice system (either law enforcement, courts, probation or corrections)
and thoroughly explain with authoritative sources:
1) what training that one point has available to help them work effectively with such a wide range of ages in
youth. Identify who provides what specific training and explain the content of the training,
2) what training the one point lacks to deal with such a wide age range of youth,
3) identify and explain one (1) theory of delinquency and thoroughly explain why it applies across all age
ranges of youth, and
4) Specifically explain in one paragraph how our university’s core value of RESPECT applies to specific
contents of the textbook readings for this module and include a citation and page number.

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