Your Nursing Informatics Competencies Reflective Blog

Your Nursing Informatics Competencies Reflective Blog
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Your Nursing Informatics Competencies

This module has provided you with the opportunity to explore the world of healthcare informatics and to appreciate the need for ensuring that graduate nurses are prepared to enter the world of technology in healthcare. Your obligation as a nurse educator is to develop your own knowledge, skills, and attitudes concerning healthcare informatics and its relation to patient safety and quality of care. Then reflect on the kind of nurse educator you wish to be in terms of the feedback you will provide to your learners. How will you provide authentic assessment? What does “Feed Forward” mean to you and how will you provide this kind of feedback?

Nursing Informatics Competencies: Self-Assessment [PDF file size 93.9 KB]
Are you at the Modifier Level?
The Innovator Level?

Please reflect on your own healthcare informatics knowledge and competencies. What do you know now that you did not know at the beginning of this module? What areas of knowledge do you need to develop more? How will you further prepare yourself to facilitate the learning of your students to become savvy, well-informed, and technologically competent providers of nursing care?

Feel free to demonstrate your understanding of your role in as a nurse educator who has sufficient tools/ideas to promote student learning and ultimately safe, quality, patient care…through sharing a meaningful graphic (picture or model), drawing, or poem, working links to a meaningful web resource and or embed on relevant video demonstrating the well-informed and technologically savvy nurse educator.

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