Young adults with brain trauma

There are many areas, issues, and diagnostic groups within the fields of psychology or counseling that are under-served and underfunded. Some examples are:

Young adults with brain trauma find very few effective or affordable services available in many communities.
Teenagers as those noted in the first discussion in this unit often face a dearth of service options.
A high percentage of mentally ill are being treated in jails and prisons because funding for their mental health needs has been curtailed, often resulting in incarceration due to their inappropriate behaviors.
Many state hospitals for the chronically mentally ill have closed, yet community programs often provide inadequate care for the chronically mentally ill who no longer have access to such long-term care facilities.
Psychologists and counselors are often denied reasonable payment for services by insurance companies.
There are many other such concerns. For this discussion, choose a personally relevant psychological issue for which services are lacking, and develop a plan of action that you would personally undertake in order to minimize the problems you perceive with this issue and to maximize the curative factors.

Write this from your current perspective, or from the perspective of yourself once you are established in your expected career.
Defend your choices.
Effectively develop the important players and factors involved in the issue you choose to write about.

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