You Have Recently Graduated College

You have recently graduated college and have been hired by a global company to analyze the current business climate and operations company-wide.

Describe what attributes you need to consider in selecting the company for your capstone project.

For your first discussion, you must choose a global company with operations in at least 3 countries. (Your instructor will let you know through this discussion if your company is a viable option.)
Click to access IBISWorld data from the AIU online library to search for a company.

Discuss with other students why they chose their company. What aspects were they looking for in a company?

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When selecting a global company with operations in at least 3 countries for my capstone project, I will consider the following attributes:

  • Industry: I am interested in analyzing companies in the technology, healthcare, or financial services industries. These industries are global in scope and have a significant impact on the economy.
  • Size and revenue: I am interested in analyzing companies that are large and have a healthy revenue stream. This will ensure that the company has the resources to support my capstone project.

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  • Geographic presence: I am interested in analyzing companies that have operations in at least 3 countries. This will allow me to gain a global perspective on the company’s business and operations.
  • Financial performance: I am interested in analyzing companies that have a good track record of financial performance. This will give me confidence that the company is well-managed and sustainable.

I will also consider the following factors when selecting a company for my capstone project:

  • Availability of data: I need to be able to access enough data about the company to complete my analysis. This includes financial data, industry data, and news articles.
  • Relevance to my interests: I want to choose a company that I am interested in learning more about. This will make the research and analysis more enjoyable and rewarding.
  • Alignment with my career goals: I want to choose a company that is relevant to my career goals. This will help me to develop the skills and knowledge that I need to be successful in my chosen field.

Here are some examples of global companies with operations in at least 3 countries that I may consider for my capstone project:

  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Tesla
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Walmart

Once I have selected a company, I will need to develop a research plan and obtain approval from my instructor. I will then begin my research and analysis.

I am looking forward to discussing my company selection with other students and learning about the companies that they have chosen. I am also interested in hearing about the aspects that they were looking for in a company.

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