Yemen health care system

Topic: Yemen health care system

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Final Country Project: You will choose a country from a list of countries and write a paper. As this is a global perspectives course, you will be required to research and describe the current overall health and health care situation/atmosphere of the country, geo-climatic, political, and socio-economic challenges related to health of its population, and the World Health Organization’s and United Nations’ plans in collaboration with that country’s government to improve the situation.

A) What is the health care system like in the country you choose? Does it differ by village, province, etc. and if so, how?
a. Mortality
b. Longevity
c. Birth rates
d. Healthcare system
i. Ratio of providers to citizens
ii. Hospital numbers
iii. EMS presence
B) Hazard analysis. What are the current threats to the healthcare infrastructure of your country? Climate, geography, political, socio-economic, infectious disease, technological, etc.
C) Then, using a disaster (natural, technological; accidental, intentional) that occurred in your country, describe how the health care system handled the disaster, including any aid it may have received from other countries. Was your country adequately prepared to handle your disaster? Describe how it was or was not prepared and what lessons were learned from the disaster and your country’s response.
D) What efforts are being taken to improve the healthcare of your country’s population? Nationally, WHO, CDC, Non-governmental organizations

Technical aspects of the paper:
Twenty pages not including title page and reference pages
Times New Roman, 12 font size
Maps may be included in the page count (no more than two)
Tables may be included in the page count (no more than two)
References: Official websites, peer-reviewed journals, reputable news media (no social media)
Title page
Paginate: Page number, author, and country on each page

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