Yale DKE study.

Write a research reports that:

Identifies two or more major problems in the Yale DKE study.
Propose an alternative study on culture of sexual harassment within an organization.
Describes what makes your study qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods and discusses the limitations of that methodology.
Explains how the independent and dependent variables will be measured and discusses different alternate ways to operationalize the variables they are using
In your report, you should include at least five chapter keywords. For each, be sure to bold the word and include a definition in your own words.
Describes the population being studied and explains the choice made for the study of either a sample or a census of the population and predicts any difficulties of reaching that population for this study
Describes your method (surveys, interviews, experiment, participant observation, content analysis) and provide your entire research instrument.
If survey: provide some of your survey question;
If interview: interview questions;
I experiment: describe the experiment you are going to conduct?
If observation: Where/when/how will you perform your observations
If content analysis: What content will you analyze?
Identifies how each ethical principle was considered when designing your study and evaluates which one is of greatest concern

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