Xenophon’s Apology and Plato’s Apology


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1) Xenophon’s “Apology” is a second-hand account of Socrates’ trial, whereas Plato was an eye witness. In many respects, this difference makes
Plato’s “Apology” more authoritative than Xenophon’s. However, Plato’s version of Socrates’ speech is suspiciously well polished for an extemporaneous
speech, and it omits fundamental details. [On the MyLS page for BF 299 you will find Xenophon’s account, also entitled “Apology” (see Socrates: a source
book, by John Ferguson, pp. 139-144).] Question: Are there important respects in which Xenophon’s “Apology” is more reliable as a primary historical source
for Socrates’ trial than Plato’s “Apology”? Defend your answer.

See the handouts “Categories of Assessment” and “Formatting a Humanities Essay” for further information.

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