Write an essays on three of the following key terms

Write an essays on three of the following key terms. Tell why the person, place, or agricultural product, is important to the early history of America. Explain how it relates to major events or concepts we have been discussing.

Bering Strait
Prince Henry the Navigator
Hernán Cortés
Columbian Exchange
Wild Card (any key term from the handouts for Chapters 1 and 2)

II. Write an essay of one and one half pages on one of the following questions:
1. Native Cultures. Examine the history of native cultures in three different parts of North America before 1500. What common characteristics do you see among the various native cultures? In what ways were native cultures different from each other?

2. Europeans. Explain some of the changes going on in Europe that could have led to exploration and colonization. Compare the exploration policies of at least two European countries before 1600. What challenges did they face?

3. The World in 1500. Explain how various parts of the world were coming together in the 1400s and 1500s. Which events do you think had the largest impact on global trade? How did the rise of global trade affect people in Europe, Africa, and the Americas?

Part III. Illustrations. Provide a picture to go with each of your essays in Part I and Part II. Briefly explain what is in the picture. Tell how the picture helps us understand key points you are writing about.

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