World War II

World War II

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Option I: One Long Essay. Write one essay of about 4.5 pages about how America and the world changed in Chapters 23-27. This essay should include, within it, at least five key terms or key words from handout questions from the chapter handouts. Please put key terms or key words from the questions in bold. You must have key terms or questions from at least four chapters. You essays will also need an introduction, where you give an overview of the major events or trends you wish to cover. Please put your thesis statement in bold. In your conclusion, note how events of the era shaped the world we live in today. Incorporate and analysis of one written primary source and include at least 3 pictures (at least one primary) and note how the pictures help us understand the events or concepts. Since integration is a big theme in this era, please make sure you integrate the pictures and the writing in the essay. 🙂

1. World War II. Explain how the U.S. got involved in World War II. What interests were considered especially important? What factors were critical in winning the war? What lessons could we learn from this experience?
chapter 23:Key Terms:
• Selective Training and Service Act
• Lend-Lease bill
• Winston Churchill
• Atlantic Charter
• Joseph Stalin
• War Production Board
• Manhattan Project
• A. Philip Randolph
• Bracero program
• Rosie the Riveter
• Operation Overlord
• Battle of the Bulge
• Potsdam Declaration
chapter 24:
Key Terms
George F. Kennan
Truman Doctrine
Marshall Plan
National Security Act of July 1947
Berlin Airlift
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Mao Zedong
Korean War
John Foster Dulles
“Domino Theory”
Eisenhower Doctrine
chapter 25:
Key Terms
• GI Bill
• Baby boom
• Full Employment Act
• Taft-Hartley Act
• Progressive Party
• Fair deal
• Dwight D. Eisenhower
• Military-industrial complex
• House Un-American Activities Committee
• Joseph R. McCarthy
• Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
• Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• Sunbelt
• Dr. Spock
• Elvis Presley
• Beat Generation
chapter 26
Key Terms
John F. Kennedy
Cuban Missile Crisis
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Lyndon Johnson
“The Great Society”
Civil Rights Act of 1964
National Organization for Women (NOW)
Voting Rights Act
Immigration Act of 1965
War on Poverty
“Black Power”
Free Speech Movement (FSM)
“Doves”/ “Hawks”

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