World Cultures

World Cultures

Consider one of the following topics. You will form an opinionabout the issue. Your essay will argue on behalf of your opinion. Your opinion is your thesis.Your discussion will support your thesis. In other words, you will use your own analysis and discussion, examples, research material, quotes, etc., to support your argument.

Your essay will conform to the academic standards for the college essay; i.e., thesis/support; introduction, body, conclusion.
Remember that this is an argument paper, so you must address the “other side;” i.e., you must anticipate the counterclaims or objections to your ideas and address them. Show why YOU are right and why the objections or counterclaims are wrong.
You will NOT simply present research material about the topic; NOR will you write an expository paper which merely tells about the topic.

1.    What do the art, artifacts, and myths of antiquity tell us about the status of women in ancient society? Compare and contrast the social status of women from two

2) different ancient cultures that we have considered so far or will do so soon – i.e., any of the Mesopotamian cultures, or any of the cultures of the ancient Fertile Crescent, Achaemenid Persia, ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome(choose two of these). Refer to specific works of art, artifacts, and/or myths which support your views; a combination of three examples (one work of art, one artifact- not necessarily aesthetic, and one myth) is best. You will obviously have to analyze and interpret these works in your discussion to show their meaning and to illustrate your ideas. You will argue that the condition of women in antiquity can be understood by examining these ancient works.


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