Winter War

Winter War

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Page count: 6-7

Topic: Winter War

Assignment: Write the paper, as a Finnish war solider(like a diary).

I want the paper to start from the beginning and work its way to the end of the war, like a series of events.

Paraphrase is a must and I would also like the use of a map to show the war area too.

Primary sources, scholarly sources,secondary sources are mandatory. I would like you to find four to five sources and tighten the focus from those. That means 4-5 sources, but more information is to be drawn from those, not just 4-5 quotes.

Everything referenced must be cited. Also, when referencing the paper you must include urls and the book isbn.

I would like you take a stance in favor of the Finnish war army. I would like you to include somewhat of a thesis. Its based on research.

Please make this a really good assignment. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Put your feet in the shoes of a Finnish soldier and explain the steps used to drive away the Red army(soviet union). Short paragraphs are fine, but it is more informal than formal.

Write it like a diary from a finnish soldier fighting against the red army. I want info of what started the war and the tactics and what ended the war.

The diary like style essay can be taken in any direction, but it must be detailed and creative. It does not need to be entirely formal.

Canadian writing

Here is a couple sources I have previously found (bottom has some sources- the work is not valid, but the bottom has some nice work)

Dont feel inclined to use all those sources

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