Win-Win negotiation skills

Person A wants to buy a car. He/she spots a high-quality used car on a dealer’s lot over the weekend. Although it is a great deal, he/she does not have quite
enough money to purchase. He decides to try a trade-in. The dealer will only give him $1,200 for his current vehicle. As mentioned, this a good deal, and
Person A knows the vehicle won’t sit on the lot for long. Person A decides to sell his/her vehicle on their own for around $2,000. The car is in good condition
with the exception of a few minor dents in the fender. The radio has also been cutting in and out, but still works for the most part.
Person A tells his/her co-worker (Person B) about his predicament. Person B actually is in the market for a used vehicle, as his/her daughter turns 16 next
week and needs a car fairly quickly. Person B offers to buy Person A’s vehicle for $1,700, accounting for the dents and stereo issues. The vehicle’s bluebook
price is $1,950, and its wholesale price is $1,200.
What power does Person A have?
What power does Person B have?
Describe the importance of time to both Person A and Person B.
What are some possible points of compromise?

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