Wilson’s Fences

The play is found in our digital textbook. I am also posting a link for easy access: https://archive.org/stream/WilsonFences/Wilson%20Fences_djvu.txt
Questions to help facilitate discussion – You can use any of the questions below as a guide. You can also write about what you found interesting or thought-provoking from the play. Your initial post needs to be at least 200 words. To receive full credit, please respond to your peers’ posts (at least one well-developed response).

  1. What if the fence Wilson is really talking about is the limitations some people face in the world? What invisible but powerful fences created the circumstances for the Maxon family in this play?
  2. When Troy talks about the devil selling him furniture, what is he really talking about?
  3. Who is more like Troy, Cory, or Lyons?
  4. How did your feelings about Troy change during the play?
  5. Who is the protagonist in the play, and what do they want most?
  6. If you were writing Troy’s eulogy, what would you say about him?
  7. What does it mean that Cory joins the military at the end of the play?
  8. If you had to write a play about where you come from and your experience there, what would it be about?
  9. Troy challenges a rule that Black sanitation workers can’t drive the trucks. Why do you think this rule existed in the first place?
  10. Why is there so much music in this play, whether sung, played on an instrument, or mentioned in conversation?

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