Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

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Basically, you’ll need the following:

1. 2 poems from your poet or one short story that you have not already read and discussed (some poems and the short story may need to come from a source outside of your textbook)

Question: Where are students supposed to get the poems/short stories outside of the textbook?

Answer: In a book in the library or online by searching for the writer’s name.

2. At least 1 picture of the writer, properly cited (additional pictures and illustrations are encouraged)

3. A biography of the writer found in a book, an article, or a website maintained by a university, library, poetry organization/foundation, or by a museum (particularly for the WW 1 poets)

4. Choose 1 of the following

an essay about the writer found in a book


an interview with the writer, found in either a printed or on video source (older poets like Christina Rossetti won’t have interviews)


collected letters (more recent writers won’t have these)


a review of the writer in a newspaper or magazine, either online or in print–

Good online sources for reviews are the L. A. Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, The New Republic (if available online), The New Yorker and many others

5. An article about the writer’s work from an Online Database such as Academic Search Premier or JSTOR, Academic Search Premier or others; these databases are found within a public or college library website; they are not the same as online sources. Review How to Find Databases in the TTC Library (other libraries are also fine) to make sure you understand this requirement.

6. One Youtube reading (Komunyakaa and Zagajewski, among others, read on Youtube), OR a recording of someone reading one of the works you’ve chosen (we’ll deal with this later if there is no such thing)

Just type in audio recording of the poem title; I tend to use Google, but any search engine will do

7. A correct Works Cited page (don’t forget the annotated Works Cited page assignment, which comes in early and also with the completed paper)

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