Why the change is important for the organization

The hospital you work for has merged with an organization that currently has two hospitals as part of the organization. The facility you work in uses X medical records, the other two hospitals use Y medical records. All three hospitals will use Y medical records once the merger is complete. Change is needed at your hospital for continuity in the larger organization and for the best patient care possible. You will be responsible for getting your team up to speed on the new medical recording system.
Brief rationale as to why the change is important for the organization.
The steps you would take the begin implementing the change.
Examine what change management approach you believe would be most appropriate for your suggested implementation.
Rationale for why the change is important for the organization is clear, concise, and make connections to current research.
Description of steps taken to begin change implementation is clear, concise and makes connections to current research.
Examination of change management approach most appropriate for implementation is present.

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