Why is the Aqualisa Quartz not selling?

Assume the role of a consultant to Harry Rawlinson, managing director of Aqualisa, and address your report to him. He is quite familiar with the shower valve industry and Aqualisa, therefore, do not repeat or restate case facts per se. Present analysis, insights, conclusions and recommendations, and use case facts only to support them. In short, write about the facts’ significance the answer to “so what?” about these facts.
Your task is to advise Harry Rawlinson on the following:
(1) Why is the Aqualisa Quartz not selling? Provide an appropriate analysis of Quartz’s launch marketing strategy. Tip: Map out distribution channels used by Aqualisa to reach the various customer price segments—this would be helpfitl in identifying Quartz strategy deficiencies.
(2) Assess each of the three marketing strategic options presented at the end of the case—cite their pros and cons.
(3) Assume that you are implementing the first option, “Targeting Consumers Directly.” Present a marketing program/plan-of-action for this strategic option.

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