Why health care adopted the scientific method in the early 1900s.

  1. Describe the elements that make up the scientific method. Discuss why health care adopted the scientific method in the early 1900s. Compare the advantages this approach had over prior approaches to treating patients. Provide a recent example of the benefits of successfully applying the scientific method. Also provide an example of when the scientific method was not applied and the consequences. Support your discussion with scholarly references.
  2. Describe the differences in how results are displayed between media outlets and peer-reviewed research. Explain why it is important to understand simple statistics in evaluating actual results of a study, including considerations such as sample size, generalizability, and graphical representation of information in your discussion.
  3. Imagine a new cancer cure has been discovered. You have an article in the Time magazine and one in Scientific American about the cure. Which would be more reliable? Time magazine would provide you with the information but put the author’s own bias on the article, maybe not telling you what he doesn’t think would sell the magazine. Scientifc American’s article would be peer reviewed which means it would go through an evaluation and analysis by the author’s own peers. Which would you pick? Why?

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