Why a country-specific epidemic become a pandemic

A current epidemiology course wouldn’t be complete without a focus on the Covid-19 pandemic. An in-depth research study is required to understand how the pandemic has impacted the United States and the world and to better collaborate with government, providers ,authorities and global partners.

For your final assignment, research and write an 8-10 page paper on the Covid-19 pandemics effect in America. The terms and methodology you have learned throughout the course should be uses in addition to the resources shared in the course and your own research. Please refer back through the course and incorporate this learning in your assignment to support your analysis and add visuals such as data in charted forms.

The following items should be addressed:

  1. What is the Covid -19 pandemic? When did it become critical? Share statistics on death rates , and increases in prevalence overtime in the U.S compared to other countries.
  2. WHO is it impacting?Who is dying at greater rates ? Paint a picture of the lives impacted: friends,family ,communities ,government providers, health organizations etc. Be sure to include a discussion on the racial disparities on death rates and why you think this occurred and how you as a change maker have ideas on solutions to these disparities. Find an interesting story or different angle from your research to share . What struck you on WHO of this population?
  3. WHY? Why did the country-specific epidemic become a pandemic? Who is to blame or who is being blamed ? Discuss the key players as well as the victims. Why must this pandemic be addressed? What might the United States have done differently to improve outcomes and why ?
  4. WHERE is the problem the greatest ? Identify and discuss regions hit hardest by this pandemic . What are the statistics in your state or country? Which other countries were hardest hit by this pandemic and why ? Be sure to relate your answer to the WHO and WHY you already discussed as there is inter-relatedness that is important to discuss.
  5. WHAT is being done to stop this pandemic and others to follow? WHO is doing the best job and HOW and WHY?
  6. Discuss your own concerns regarding this pandemic and any suggested recommendations. This could include lack of adequate testing for Covid 19 early in the pandemic in the US, lack of personal Protective Equipment (PPE),supply chain issues ,quality control, lack of political unification, etc.
  7. Explain whether or not you better understand the principles of epidemiology and how it can be applied to managerial roles . What more do you need to know? How does your role as a changemaker move you to apply what you have learned ?

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