Whittaker Memorial Hospital Case Analysis

Whittaker Memorial Hospital Case Analysis

Using the individual case analysis paper that you completed in Module 5, create a persuasive presentation using PowerPoint. Although you will not have to present this in a live setting, you need to record audio to accompany the presentation as if you were presenting it live in front of an audience. You will be preparing this presentation as if you were presenting it to a decision-making group, to persuade them to accept and implement your recommendations on the case. As a result, you need to identify the audience that you are trying to persuade with your argument. For example, stockholders, Board of Trustees, community leaders, etc.

Do not limit your presentation to presenting the facts and various alternatives of your case. Instead, you must identify your plan of action or strategy and provide your rationale with supporting evidence based on your analysis.

The case analysis tools that you used when putting together your case analysis report in the last module should prove helpful in providing support for your argument. Use graphics and charts to help convince your audience of the thoroughness of your research and the need to implement your action plan.

In summary, your presentation should include:
•Identification of your audience (this can be done on the title page of your presentation and should be evident throughout your presentation) .
•Evidence of a clear action plan or strategy that is to be implemented in resolving the problem(s) in the case .
•Analysis of evidence that provides a rationale and clearly supports your action plan or strategy .
•Use of at least one of the case analysis tools .
This presentation with audio should be approximately 15-20 minutes in length, and should include at least 15 slides. Remember, strong PowerPoint presentation slides include an introduction, summaries, bullets, visuals, etc, and you should be using your audio recordings to fully explain your information. If you have never completed an audio recording on PowerPoint, you can find demonstrations on Microsoft’s website or here is a short youtube video that explains the process very simply:
How to Record Narration for a PowerPoint Presentation For Dummies


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