What you Learned in Chapter 10 Activity

What you Learned in Chapter 10 Activity

In Microsoft Word 2013, please write a 300 word document on what you have learned by reading the chapter and doing the associated assignments. Here is the criteria for the assignment:

Summarize what you have learned overall
Discuss Management Information Systems and how it is used within a company
Discuss a Decision Support System and how it affects how a company makes informed decisions
Discuss how Transaction Processing affects you on a daily basis
Spelling and grammar count. Use the MS Word 2013 Grammar and Spell Checker
Here is the Grading Rubric for this assignment

Criteria Points
300 words. There will be a two point deduction for every 10 words under 300 10
How well you met the objectives of items 1-5. Each summary must stand on it’s own,
meaning separate paragraphs 10
Spelling and Grammar Checked 10
Above and Beyond – EXAMPLES: More than 300 words, good use of references, going outside of
the book and exploring the Internet to create a more interesting paper 5

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