What was Bubonic Plague?

Medical Treatments- what did doctors use to try to fight the plague, and to keep themselves alive while treating it?
Other treatments (be sure to include the Flagellants)- what did others besides doctors do to try to keep themselves from getting the disease?
Disruption of normal life during outbreaks – how was life changed for people who were living in plague-stricken areas? You’ll probably need to think critically for this one.
Mortality Rate– how many are believed to have died?
Results – how did the Black Death change Europe and the world? 3 slides for this at least. Think in terms of social structures, economics, etc.
Include a title slide and a works cited slide. You may use any format (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian) you wish.
Your background must have color and each slide must have both a picture and text information.

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