What leverage points might you be able to reach through them?

In class we’re studying different neighborhood systems and system thinking in general. MY SYSTEM is LA Metro Rail System!

This is how the writer tasks sound:
“Interview your subject from last week’s assignment (this assignment is described below). Please ask them questions in the following areas, then make a blog post summarizing what you learned.

What problems do they experience with the system?
Do these issues validate your systems model or encourage you to modify it?
What leverage points might you be able to reach through them?
What incentives might they have to change how they function in the system? “

Unfortunately, i couldn’t have a chance to interview anyone who works in LA Metro so you can just search for information or come up with something yourself (but in the paper write that you interview a worker of LA Metro.
This is the assignment from the last week: “What stakeholder in your system would make a good interview subject? Why? What might be their incentive to improve the system? Using suggestions in the reading, what would your “pitch” be to engage them? “
I already wrote it and I will upload it. Please read it because it will definitely help you!

I’ll also upload 4 examples of others student, but there is gonna be different systems described (YELP system, hotel system, UBER system, school system) My paper has to be the same.

PS. 1) The language should be EXTREMELY simple, no need for complicated words. 2) No need for the introduction and explaining what LA metro system is.

If you have any questions let me know and I might order an additional page in a little bit!

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