What is fiyuh Caan Unfiyuh: Louise Bennett and the Legacy of Jamaican Folk Wisdom”.

What is fiyuh Caan Unfiyuh: Louise Bennett and the Legacy of Jamaican Folk Wisdom”.

This paper is a research paper on a very cultural icon named Louise Bennett. A section of my research question includes a Jamaican proverbs that is widely used in Jamaica. The question goes “What is fiyuh caan Unfiyuh: Louise Bennett and the Legacy of Jamaican Folk Wisdom,”.

The proverb in the question is actually making reference to the culture that was passed down to us from Africa which is basically saying, whatever belongs to you or was passed on to you cannot be denied as a people. It is already passed down to us, so we have to accept it. “Louise Bennett’s oeuvre has propelled the Jamaican culture on a regional and international level. Through her use of proverbs, folktales, writing in the Jamaican language and her dramatic monologues, she has gained international visibility.” This is a thesis sentence that I came up with, not sure if it will help having an idea as to how to do the paper. Some of the things that were passed down to us from our ancestors are like proverbs, the culture also what legacy has Louise Bennett left behind and how has it added to our folk wisdom in Jamaica. The books we use are:

1. Jamaica Labrish by Louise Bennett. Publisher Sangsters 1966

2. Miss Lou: Louise Bennett and Jamaican Culture by Mervyn
Morrison. Publisher Ian Randle 2015

3. Aunty Roachy Seh by Louise Bennett. Publisher Sangster’s Book Store 1993

4. Making West Indian Literature by Mervyn Morris. Publisher Ian Randle publishers, Kingston and Miami 2005.

5. Noises in the Blood, “Culture Tradition and Birthright”: Proverb as Metaphor in the poetry of Louise Bennett by Carolyn Cooper.

These are some of the sources that must be referred to in the paper along with other sources deemed necessary to answer the question adequately. A well worded introductory paragraph with approximately 14-16 lines when double spaced, Times New Roman, font 12 along with a thesis sentence at the end of the paragraph setting the foundation of the paper, showing exactly where the paper is going and what will be discussed. I would also like if three points are declared in the thesis to show what will be discussed in the paper.

The person writing this paper has to have knowledge about Jamaican culture, the dialect, the history of black people, how has the author Louise Bennett’s legacy contributed to Jamaican Folk Wisdom.

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