What Factors Impact (Barriers) Latino Families in the United States When Breastfeeding

What Factors Impact (Barriers) Latino Families in the United States When Breastfeeding
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This is considered a lit review for my senior thesis. Its for my research methods and statistics class. My topic is: what barriers/factors impact Latina women from breastfeeding in the United States. I want to know what are the factors that prevent these Latina women from breastfeeding, it has to do with racial inequities and health disparities. I have learned that some barriers are language, transportation and unequal treatment from healthcare providers in providing equitable services. *****Topic name can be changed but it needs to be about barriers Latina women face when breastfeeding.******
This research question should never use “and”, “or”, “either”, “both”, etc. as these terms imply more than one research goal and leave the reading audience confused right up front (not a good thing!).
This assignment should, therefore, include (1) your research topic (e.g., Family Satisfaction), and (2) your stipulated research question (e.g., What factors impact family satisfaction?).
Literature Review
The second chapter of your Senior Thesis is labeled Literature Review.

There has to be at least 10 resources included in the Lit Review.

These must be cited using the APA writing style. You may not use “pop” psychology or popular magazines for the ST (i.e., You may not use Time, Newsweek, Psychology Today, etc. as these are editorials, not peer-reviewed research articles). All resources must be cited in last page, etc.

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