Western Civilization


Create a timeline to highlight some of the most important points in Western Civilization from the beginning period through the classical period. You will also provide a rationale explaining each item in the timeline.

In the first part, you will create the timeline itself; in the second part, you will give the rationale for and explain the various elements in the timeline.

Part 1
You may use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to create your timeline, which will contain at least ten items. First, locate the dates for these four items to include in your timeline:
a. Reign of Israelite King David
b. Golden Age of Athens
c. Reign of Caesar Augustus
d. Fall of Rome
Next, select at least six additional items to include in your timeline. Choose the events, people, or developments that you think are the most significant for understanding the development of Western Civilization. You are encouraged to include elements from biblical history, but you should also include elements that are not necessarily mentioned in the Bible. The last event on the timeline should be the Fall of Rome.
Once you have selected your items, either create a graphical representation that shows the chronological order in which each occurred or you may draw or paint your own timeline and then scan it into an image file. Please make sure that the file is either .jpg or .gif and that the finished timeline file is no larger than 1 MB in size.
Make sure the timeline has a discernible chronological scale indicating the relative passage of time. It should also be visually attractive and professional enough to be used for a presentation in a small-group setting.
You may wish to use some of the techniques for creating timelines described at these links:
Creating a Timeline in Microsoft Word
Creating a Timeline using Microsoft Office Excel

Part 2
The second part of the Timeline is a written rationale for the timeline, which you will submit in a separate Word document. For each of the six items you chose to add to the timeline, write a short paragraph of at least 100 words each describing the item and explaining why it is significant enough to include. Please list the item and the date at the beginning of each paragraph. Your explanations should go far beyond saying that the person or event is important or that there was a lasting impact. explain WHY the item is important.


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