Westbrook metropolitan area that provides healthcare services

Westbrook is a medium sized metropolitan area that provides healthcare services to a broad demographic ranging from infants to geriatrics. Existing
healthcare delivery systems include a robust acute care regional hospital, community home health/transition agencies, and long term/skilled nursing
facilities. These facilities are maintaining quality patient outcomes at their benchmarks. However, over the past five years there has been a downward trend
in patient and employee satisfaction scores. The systems have experienced loss of staff due to predictable attrition (retirement and other life events) and
have been unable to recruit high quality staff to the agencies.
As the nurse executive, you know that a positive work environment is key to improving employee satisfaction and recruitment of quality staff. In addition, a
happy, well-motivated staff will deliver quality care which leads to positive patient outcomes and satisfaction. You have determined that creating this
environment is what is needed to achieve these goals and you will lead the way.
For this assignment, you will apply a framework that will lead the organization in developing a positive work environment to address the deficiencies the
system is experiencing.
You will choose one of the healthcare delivery systems(settings) listed in the scenario for which you are the chief nursing officer (CNO)
Acute care regional hospital
Community/home health transition facility
Long-term/skilled nursing facility
You will decide which framework, either Pathway to Excellence or Shared Governance Model you will apply to lead the facility toward its goal of promoting
excellence and quality in the care they deliver. Links to foundational information for these two models are:
Pathway to Excellence: https://www.nursingworld.org/organizational-programs/Links to an external site.
Shared Governance Model: https://ojin.nursingworld.org/Links to an external site.
In the paper you will provide an overview of the chosen framework and rationale for using it in the chosen setting, fully apply two of its components to the
setting, describe the impact of the framework on nursing at the setting, and suggest strategies you will use to engage the staff and leadership in the process.

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