week 3 discussion 1 and 2

week 3 discussion 1 and 2

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Discussion 1:
Social Security System and Government Pension Programs

Consider the current Social Security system and how it is projected to fare in the future. What are the political implications? What legislation is needed? Discuss how the United States’ system of pensions for retired persons compares to the way the retired and elderly are treated in other countries. Do you feel that the financial care and support by the government of the elderly is a national problem? Is it a global problem? Why or why not?

Your response should be between 250-300 words and must utilize at least one current scholarly source
Discussion 2:
Financial Concerns

Review the information and articles on the Boomers Forecasts: The Next 20 Years website. Compare and contrast the preparation for retirement behaviors of past generations with the current generation of individuals reaching the traditional retirement age. How will upcoming generations fund their retirement? Describe the basic philosophy that many elderly have about finances and money. Consider the events and family values that have influenced their attitudes. Discuss the concept of “simple wealth”, the new frugality, by which many Baby Boomers will live out the remainder of their lives. How does this concept relate to “future proofing”? Do all retired and elderly hold similar views on finances?
Your post should be between 250 – 300 words, be sure to cite any information used from the website

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