we should cherish ourchildren;s freedom to think

we should cherish ourchildren;s freedom to think
write about three what is the good point of his essay and three points of bad point of his essay. Book title is GUIDELINES 3rd edition(A Cross-Cultural Reading/Writing Text? by Ruth Spack the story in pg112~114.
I already wrote a 2pages write more please.
Heesang Kim
Dr.Camp Heather
14TH March 2016
Analysis essay: We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think
“We should cherish our children’s freedom to think” by Kie Ho who was born and raised in Indonesia and became a business executive in the United States. This story originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times newspaper. He wrote about how he worked when he was young and compare to present. How student worked hard now days. In his argument, Ho said that he and his classmates studied lots of things when they were young to have knowledge. He realized that, that study wasn’t that good for children. He thought the school studying was too strict for children. He felt they could not have freedom to do other things and they needed more freedom. Ho’s argument both strong and weak.
His argument was good because it was easy to agree with or relate to. Ho shared how he had to memorize all the main cities on the map (113). In his high school, the students could not say anything that they wanted. The only thing they can say is the answer to what the teacher asks (113). He gave lots of examples of knowledge that he had to memorize in school. Many people would have an experience like this and agree with him. In the past, people have to learn harder if they want to live and have power. Knowledge is power to have. It can help you success in society. When some country become colony, they should speak other languages, learn about their cultures and any other things. Now days we are studying because society make us to do it. which mean people who doesn’t have knowledge can’t live. In his story, he said that he study lots of thing when they are young. The reason that he gave his experiences are he want to show why they have to study. In each country have different type of education system. Many other country’s parent, they send their children to good school to learn more and good things. Like Japanese businessmen in Los Angeles send their children to private schools staffed by teachers imported from Japan to learn mathematics at Japanese levels, generally considered at least a year more advanced than the level here (112). In his high school, he should memories all of country and capital of that country. There are some points that shows the same things in the past and presents.
His argument was good because it shows lots of his example. When he was young he have to study that he don’t want to. That was time of silent and obedience. Ho studied many different types of thing as; the leader of different country, different type of literature or any other things. The difference of past and present was not that strict in school. Now days student can say any others words or ask to teacher and wear any kinds of cloth. In the past student have wear what the school said and do make up also. The reason of studying is to go good university and get good jobs and learn lots of money. In the past, student have to study because country make them to do it.
His argument was good because
To make his argument stronger, Ho could add more that could explain his argument. He could give suggestions on what teachers should teach. For example, teachers can teach the main points in literature. When the students read a story, they can imagine what’s happening in the story. The imagining helps students to think more and to think creatively. For other subjects like history, teachers can pick the points that are the big issues in history.

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