War Made Easy

After watching the documentary War Made Easy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPJs8x-BKYA&t=2846s ), answer each of the following questions in your own words.

  1. In Norman Solomon’s opinion, how did mainstream news organization fail in the days leading up to the war? Give at least one specific example from the documentary.
  2. Identify at least two specific concepts in reading and/or presentation that are illustrated by Solomon’s work, and briefly explain.
  3. Choose a political news story published within the last month that either illustrates, or intentionally exposes, at least one of the manipulative communication techniques Solomon identifies. Briefly explain. (Be sure you are choosing a news story, not an opinion or editorial. While it should be about a topical political issue, it does not need to be about war, specifically).
  4. Are Solomon’s arguments about the failures of mainstream news media convincing? Why or why not?

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