Topic: Vulnerability

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City: Jacksonville, Fl Duval County

Select a community (county or municipality) in the United States in order to prepare an analysis
addressing the socially vulnerable populations of the area. You will also need to review the potential
hazards for that area that may impact the diverse population
Class – Health – Race & Ethnicity – Language & Literacy – Gender – Age – Violence – Disability – Households
& Families

Your paper should address whether and where vulnerable population locations intersect with
hazard-prone areas.
– Use the most recent credible data you can find and reference your source(s) for all data
presented. Refer to numbers and percentages within the text and display this data in graphs and
tables in the appendix.
– Using the Internet, Google Earth, Google Maps or other mapping platform, generate a map of
your subject community, and insert information concerning the map into your paper in a way
that is visible and relevant. The map itself will be presented in the appendix.
– Paper must address at least one human-caused hazard in addition to natural hazards.
– Paper should include a section that describes options for outreach to the community’s identified
vulnerable populations about hazard information to improve resilience and disaster outcomes.
– Paper should be 5 to 8 pages in length, double-spaced, with references (for all information
including hazards and demographic data as well as for other information included). Reference
citations should be in APA style. Your page count does not include your title page, reference list
or appendices.
– Your maps and graphs should be attached as appendices and referenced in the paper

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