vita tax return reflection paper

vita tax return reflection paper

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Bus 416-VITA Winter 2015

evaluate your papers based on following the required format, content, AND
depth of thought. They will also evaluate the papers based on the College of Business rubric which is on
PolyLearn. The rubric will be used to determine18 of the points assigned to the paper. For every Rubric
Trait where your paper exceeds expectations you will be given 6 points, those that meet expectations will
receive 4 points and those that do not meet expectations will be given 2 points.
As stated in your syllabus, the reflection paper should be an overall reflection of how the VITA program affected you.
Spend some time thinking about your response. Use your daily journal to help you remember thoughts occurring several
weeks ago, but do not simply repeat your journal entries. The paper should be typed, double-spaced and no more
than 4 pages. The paper should be divided and subtitled into four or five parts, as follows (Part V is optional but we
encourage you to complete this part as well):
Part I – What I Learned From My VITA Experience: A reflection of the Learning aspects of the program. You
should comment/convey your thoughts on information acquired from the program throughout the quarter. This could
include technical skills, personal skills, working with partners, working with clients, administrative tasks, working
with supervisors, including the reviewers. What do you think you learned about tax laws that you didn’t know before?
What did you learn from your mistakes? What did you learn about client’s attitudes about our tax system?
What did you learn about our tax system? What did you learn about yourself? Be honest and write it as if you were
writing it to yourself–we do not want just a running list of your “answers” to these questions or points mentioned
above. We would like a discussion/reflection. This part should focus more from Jan
31 to end while we are working with client i believe i will upload
my daily journey so you will know what i did and write
about it based on it.
Part II – Service to Our Community & How VITA Impacted My Thoughts on Volunteering: This is a reflection
of the Service aspects of the program. Here you should comment/convey your thoughts on how you feel the program
serves the community and its members. What did the community gain? What did our clients gain? What did you get
out of this service? Did this experience increase your desire to volunteer for future community service work (not necessarily
just in tax)? Does the fact that VITA was originally set up by the IRS have any impact on the service element
of this course? Again, be honest and give your own thoughts, not just answering these points or questions.


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