Visit at The Village of Gulfstream Park

Visit at The Village of Gulfstream Park

Compose a written response to your experience from a visit to The Village of Gulfstream Park. Use images to supplement your ideas and address the following:

Are Gulfstream’s environmentally- responsible measures visible in its design? If so, where? Feel welcome to contrast your findings in person with what you can discover in Gulfstream’s press releases and reviews (online or printed brochures and magazine articles).
Be sure to mention that Gulfstream is LEED certified (since it is) and expand on the idea.

Do you think a store carrying couture (handmade clothing like my client crafts) and the supplementary product you selected would be a good fit for the existing retail (and potential consumers) of Gulfstream? Why/ why not?
You should know that my client will sell couture dresses and leather good.. uniquely designed by her and that there will be one of each kind (no duplicates). the answer to the question should be yes, it would be a good fit since we have decided to proceed with the installation of our store in gulf stream park. Expand on the idea.

The field of psychographics uses demographics and other data in creating products and interiors for a specific market. Choose any retail bay/store at Gulfstream and document your response with words. Identify areas that are PRIME, AVERAGE and NON-PRODUCTIVE.

Avoid excessive quotation. No more that 10% of body text and cite sources MLA standards.

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