Vision of Art in a school

Vision of Art in a school

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I need to create a powerpoint or prezzie, about vision of art.
I would like the 6 slides to spell out V I S I O N – vision
V for value
I for Innovation
S for succeed
I for (can you think of something)
O for opportunities
N for (can you think of something)
If you can think of better headings please change.
I would like each slide to include things that I would do for the school art department to become stronger.
Examples, (please put under correct/ as best fits in each slide
leading community projects
running art clubs
cross curricular art lessons
ensuring teachers are supported, I am approachable and supportive
ensuring resources are available, managing budgets
providing new opportunities for the students in art
can you also include how I want to help the school aim for the Arts Mark award.
Supporting SEN children with Art sessions or activities
ensuring all teachers are teaching art
ensuring everyone is teaching and meeting key areas of the new curriculum/following the art policy
best practices

Please add other relevant things you feel best fit, to sell myself to make changes and create a stronger art department.
Please just write key sentences/notes on the slides

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