Virtual tour of the Museum of Modern Art

Take a virtual tour of the Museum of Modern Art ( Choose an artwork that you like and that we have not learned about in class. Describe what you think this artwork means. Use (at least) three of the artwork’s formal elements to support your thesis.


Deeply analyze at least three of the following formal elements (listed in bold). You do not need to write about all of the elements. Write only about the ones that are most relevant to your subject. Below is a list of the formal elements and a word bank of vocabulary specific to each element for your reference.

Line: Implied line, contour line, outline, line weight (thick, thin), engraved, protruding
Space: Linear perspective, deep space, flat space, atmospheric perspective
Values: Highlights, shadows, illusion of volume (chiaroscuro), dramatic contrast (tenebrism)
Color: Local, perceptual, expressive, monochromatic, polychromatic, saturated, desaturated, complimentary, analogous, open palette
Scale: Consider not only the size of the artwork, but also how a viewer’s body relates to the work in space
Composition: Balanced, unbalanced, symmetrical, asymmetrical, positive/negative space

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