Violence from sexual relations

Carol Hoffman was murdered by her husband David Hoffman because she refused to have sexual relations
with him. While he was choking her, he began to believe he was “doing the right thing” and that to get “the evil
out of her,” he had to dismember her body. After Carol was dead, David did the dismembering in the bathtub.

  1. Develop well-reasoned legal arguments in determining whether David’s mother should be considered an
    accomplice in each of the following scenarios.
  2. Depending upon your position, make sure to include within your arguments what kinds of proof might suffice
    to implicate or exonerate the mother as an accomplice.
    Within your argument, articulate and integrate at least 1 biblical principal AND example that supports the notion
    of accomplice liability.
    [A] She had experienced strained relations with Carol and told friends that she hated her. On the morning of
    the murder, David told his mother that he was going to “put her to sleep” and then he would have to dispose of
    the body. The mother replied that it would “be for the best.”
    [B] During the actual murder, the mother was asleep. However, when the mother woke up, she was adamant
    about shielding her granddaughter (the couple’s older daughter) from witnessing the dismembering should she
    awake and try to use the bathroom. As a result, the mother decided to lie on a couch near the bathroom and
    keep watch for the granddaughter.
    [C] Moments prior to the murder, the mother heard Carol and David in a very heated argument. At one point,
    David yelled out to his mother, “Haven’t you also had enough of this terrible excuse for a human being.” The
    mother responded, “I’ve never liked her, David. Never.”
    Textbook Readings Dressler: chapter. 14, 30. AND Weaver et al.: chapter. 4–5.
    You must support your assertions with at least
    4 scholarly citations in current Bluebook format with footnotes.
    Acceptable sources include the
    • Casebook
    • the Bible
    • law reviews
    • journals
    • case decisions
    • and other scholarly publications.

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