Victims’ Rights Legislation Critique

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.
Project 1 requires you to assume the role of a system-based victim advocate working within a law enforcement agency or prosecutor’s office. In this role,
your supervisor requests you to review a section of a newly proposed bill and offer a memo critiquing the bill’s language. This project requires you to cite to
course materials throughout your analysis to highlight and demonstrate your knowledge of crime victims’ rights learned throughout the first few weeks of the
Project 1—Victims’ Rights Legislation Critique
In your role as a system-based advocate, you have been asked to offer analysis on a new proposed bill in the jurisdiction of Virtual. For your Project in this
course, you will be conducting a Victims’ Rights Legislation Critique in the form of a detailed 3-4 page memo to your supervisor.
Project 1— Victims’ Rights Legislation Critique
Your memo should review Section 4 and 4.5 of the bill proposed in the jurisdiction of Virtual and must provide the following analysis:
Introduction: Based on your review of the proposed bill, what issue/s involving victims is this legislation designed to address?
What processes would be required for this legislation to work in practice? Consider how to best ensure those with obligations to afford the rights can actually
do so.
Does the section seem to have clear ways to enforce the victims’ rights if violations occur?
What could make enforcement stronger in the bill? Consider special rights for vulnerable and special populations that we have addressed in the course.
What common victims’ rights seem to be missing?
What are possible consequences of these missing rights?
What, if any, liabilities attach to those who violate these victims’ rights? What recommendations would you make regarding possible liability of those who
violate the rights of crime victims’ under this law?
Conclusion: Summarize how this bill aligns with common victims’ rights you have learned about in the course.

  1. You must cite to the course materials to support your analysis in your memo. Your memo should include a Works Cited with at least 5 resources from the
    course using the American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards. (There are links to APA format standards under Library Services.)

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