Using the media to reduce crime

Using the media to reduce crime and victimization has proven difficult due to unanticipated and counterproductive effects. Why do you think it is so difficult to raise concern about crime and its consequences of a targeted audience without triggering negative effects from raising levels of fear?
Do you believe that the media helps to contribute to crime? Rationalize your answer and provide examples to justify your stance.
How can the media be used to help solve crimes? Does this help compensate for the harm they contribute to the Criminal Justice system? Why or why not?
Discuss a recent anticrime Public Service Announcement in terms of its target audience, the problem it addresses, its use of fear, the behaviors it strives to encourage or discourage, and how effective it is perceived to be.
Discuss where and when surveillance cameras are acceptable and if it should matter if they are hidden or openly displayed. Discuss the phemonmenon of a surveillance effect and whether people should be informed that they are within the view of a surveillance system.
Discuss why bad news about corrections is more newsworthy than good news and what, if anything, correctional personnel can do to change the public image of corrections. Discuss who is most responsible for the content and nature of news about corrections: correctional personnel, administration, journalists, news agency administrators, or the public?

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