US government and politics

  1. What jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?
  2. How do appellate cases reach the Supreme Court?
  3. What is the “Rule of Four”?


15.7 SCOTUS Top Cases of 2019

Choose 1 case and create a case brief.

a.Brief background of the case

b.Question asked by the Supreme Court

c.Decision reached by the Supreme Court – include if possible, how the Justices voted


1.What is the difference between a policy of judicial restraint versus a policy of judicial activism?


1.What are your thoughts regarding life tenure for Supreme Court Justices in the U.S.?

  1. If a Constitutional Convention were reconvened today, would/should we still opt for life tenure?


Do you agree with Alexander Hamilton’s argument in Federalist #78 that life tenure was an excellent means of securing “ a steady, upright, and impartial administration of the laws?”


Research a current Supreme Court Justice.


b.Which President appointed him/her? How long have they served?

c.Does he/she have a reputation for Judicial restraint, or Judicial activism?

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