United Nations: Security and Risk Management Challenges

United Nations: Security and Risk Management Challenges

Project description
Research proposal for dissertation: Master in Security and Risk Management

Title: United Nations: Security and Risk Management Challenges
Possible Questions:
1.Has the implementation of new Security Policies and procedures within the United Nations (UN) post 9/11 globally effected the safety and security of UN personnel?
2.Does the change of UN approach towards the Security and Risk Management has followed the global threat on terrorism ?
3.How the United Nations Department on Safety and Security (UNDSS) adapted and kept abreast with the new forms of terrorism?

Same of the Events that marked the changes of the UN Security and Risk Management policies and procedures are:

2.Bagdad : Attack to the UN HQ at the Canal Hotel Bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, in the afternoon of August 19, 2003
3.2005 transition from UNSECORD to UNDSS
4.December 11, 2007 Algiers bombings UNHCR HQ
5.2009 UN guest house attack in Kabul, October 28, 2009
6.The 2011 Abuja bombing Nigeria on Friday, 26 August 2011.

Methodology could be:

Mixed method approach that supports triangulation of various data sources, characterized by both qualitative and quantitative research methods.
Qualitative methods: Semi-structured interviews : United Nations senior level Security officials who were and are involved in policy during the period from 2000 until now will be interviewed by the researcher. Face to face interview approach will be applied using semi-structured questions asses their opinion regarding the changes in security policies.

Quantitative method: Secondary data analyses (UN global yearly incidents reports)
and possible survey questionnaire to UN personnel.

The researcher is currently working for UN security .

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