UAS/UAV Tour Report

Remote Control (RC) airplane club/organization or RC hobby store. Many communities have RC clubs that
meet for fly-ins with their aircraft or conduct meetings to discuss future activities. The designs of RC aircraft
have many UAS components incorporated, and many members are switching over to UAS operations within
the clubs. Attending these meetings or fly-ins provide very valuable insight into aircraft design and operation.
RC hobby stores need to be specific to RC aircraft and the UAVs that are becoming more popular. RC stores
dedicated to the RC hobby will have salespeople and store managers/owners who are familiar with these types
of aircraft, and who you can ask questions and receive advice. Large chain stores like Hobby Lobby and WalMart may have some small UAV kits on the shelf, but have no staff to ask questions about the product details
or upgrades, so they are not a viable option for the tour.
During the visit, gather information on:

  1. Aircraft, motors/engines, propellers/rotors, batteries/fuel that would be appropriate for a missing person
    search and rescue mission, and survival package delivery to the person when found (search and rescue with
    UAS technology has become an important and proven mission), or other current and relevant tasks suited for
    UAS technology
  2. UAS/UAV human factors (lessons learned) when operating this type of vehicle (RC aircraft or UAS)
  3. Available technology for aircraft to accomplish different tasks like search and rescue, package delivery,
    farming, photography, inspections, etc.
  4. Cameras and gimbals available to conduct the search for a lost person (victim), or other photography-related
  5. Sensors to detect a victim and/or avoid obstacles
  6. Autopilots and GPS for autonomous navigation and location identification on a mission
  7. Ground Control Stations for programming and controlling autonomous UAS operations
  8. FPV (First Person View) to assist in different UAS tasks
  9. Lost signal recovery in the event that signal is lost with the aircraft
  10. Software for programming and monitoring the aircraft during autonomous flight operations
  11. Simulations to get a hands-on feel and training to manually fly this technology
  12. Transportation and deployment/release equipment (carrying and dropping package)
  13. Autonomous operations and what it takes to design a system for this type of operation
  14. Miscellaneous questions on system design and operations you may have that applies to the tour location
    you are visiting, and anything you find relevant to our course topics

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