tutorial outlined proprietary

The Week 9 tutorial outlined proprietary tools/processes implemented by advertising agencies.  Understanding this is key for those in the Account Servicing department.
They are as follows:-
1.    ‘360 Degree Branding’ – Ogilvy
2.    ‘Brand Asset Valuator’ – Y&R
3.    ‘McCann Brand Clout’ – McCann
4.    ‘Disruption’ – TBWA
5.    ‘Love Marks’ – Saatchi & Saatchi
6.    ‘Thompson Total Branding’ – JWT
Select any 2 of the above and compare (and contrast) their processes using views from various sources.
1.  Do not simply report views as this merely restates (not transforms) the information. Appraise and evaluate contents made and strive to identify common themes, weighing the commentary of others whilst forming your own conclusions (using the sources as support).
So for example one simplistic approach in forming an argument may read as follows:-  In analysing the views made by Smith (2000), Jones (1998) and Morgan (2013), there was a consensus that the elements of the process focused on consumer insights.  Smith (2002) further supports this by stating that the consumer is key and is ‘front and centre’.

Announcements 10 min
Moodle Topic (Chap. 5) review 30 min
Grad Assessment – ‘Paper Clip’ 20 min
Creative Brief discussion 60 min
Announcements –Week 9
? Moodle Topic 3
Moodle Topic 2
? results released on Apr. 16th (Thur) – 5:30pm
? Go beyond Google Search
? Referencing???
Grad Program Assessment (Week 11) – ‘Toothpick’
Creative Brief assessment
? Read the Creative Brief overview/guidelines on
Moodle. This is supplementary reading only and
you should go beyond this if unsure
Championing the
Creative Product
Moodle Link (Chap. 5)
Moodle Link (Chap. 5)
1. How to evaluate creative?
2. Providing useful feedback
3. Creating a creatively receptive environment
4. Presenting creative effectively
How to evaluate creative?
I think anyone can look at creative work and have an
opinion – that doesn’t mean you’re being objective…this
is where many of us really struggle – what are we
supposed to be evaluating this work against?
How to evaluate creative?
Preparing the groundwork…
Go back to reviewing the brief to the agency
Assess the following:-
Do I agree with the role of communications?
Does the target audience description feel right and
Do I agree with the desired takeout?
Do I feel that the single minded proposition will
achieve the desired takeout?
Do I agree that the call to action and accompanying
benchmarks of success?
How to evaluate creative?
Evaluation in the 1970s…
• demonstrate product in use
• product in screen for more than a third of
• make product benefit the main message
• demonstrate the results of use
How to evaluate creative?
Determining the evaluation criteria…
Criteria evolved to incorporate thoughts on
brand differentiation
customer insights
simplicity of message
an individual company’s approach to marketing in the
How to evaluate creative?
Does it contain an inspiring idea?
Does it add value to the brand?
Is the message clear?
Is the point made simply and as powerfully as possible?
Does the message come across as relevant and
Is it original?
Does it differentiate your product/service/company?
Does it have drama, emotion and passion?
Could it work for other media?
Will it be on budget/possible in the time?
What is your gut reaction?
How to evaluate creative?
Agencies proprietary processes…
‘360 Degree Branding’ – Ogilvy
‘Brand Asset Valuator’ – Y&R
‘McCann Brand Clout’ – McCann-Erickson
‘Disruption’ – TBWA
‘Love Marks’ – Saatchi & Saatchi
‘The T-Plan’, ‘Thompson Total Branding – JWT
This feeds into agency creative, marketing, credentials
presentations, PR, newsletters etc.
How to evaluate creative?
Does it contain a ‘Big Idea’ – something that interprets the
proposition and strikes at the hearts and minds of the
customers in an inspiring manner?
Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like
a ship in the night. It is the factor that will motivate your
customers and allow your colleagues to grasp what you
want to achieve with your communication.
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How to evaluate creative?
Establishing the right mindset…
As a strategist…
Is it on brief/brand/proposition?
Is it distinctive?
As the target audience…
Do I get the work straight away?
What insight about me, the target audience, does
the work draw upon?
Am I inspired by the idea?
What does it ask me to do – is it reasonable?
Providing usable feedback
Provide clear instructions with the
following principles…
Highlight the positive
Identify how you feel about the core idea
Leave minor points about the execution to later in
the discussion
Articulate the problem. Do not anticipate the
Be honest
Do not direct what changes should be
Creating a creatively receptive
Some suggestions for you and the team…
Show Cannes Lions or Extreme reels
Invite colleagues to attend awards events
Have examples of good and bad ads
Institute internal campaign brief awards
Go on creative training courses
Presenting creative effectively
Principles of good presentations…
Good preparation
Clarity (of purpose/of message)
Connection with the audience
Controlling the environment
Grad Program Assessment
‘Paper Clip’
Creative Brief
Creative Brief Assessment
Overview and marking criteria
Creative brief template
Evian: Baby & Me
App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo6TdT6TRIk
4.5 million downloads
Most downloaded app on the Apple store in the entertainment
category for 2 weeks
26 million generated babies
4.5 million babies shared on social networks
100,000 tweets around the campaign, with 99% positive
Film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfxB5ut-KTs
135 million views, 6.9 million shares
Number 1 most viewed ad of YouTube in 2013
Number 5 most viewed video of YouTube in 2013
More that 350 copycats (which generated 20 million views)
Earned media…
More than 50 press releases, 300 digital releases and 10 tv
releases worldwide
60 free tv exposures
Evian: Baby & Me
Situation analysis (Challenges)
Business objectives (Client Brief)
Discuss the following in BOLD:-
Target (and insights derived)
Communication Objectives
Tone of Voice
Key Benefits
Reason to believe
Audience Takeaway
Evian: Baby & Me
Situation Analysis (Challenges)…
Market growth has become flat. Slightly moderate
rebound driven by flavoured and carbonated waters
Still water often de-prioritised in the port-folio of nonalcoholic
beverages groups
Bottled water becoming a trivialised and price-driven
Evian currently fights hard to maintain its leadership in
front of growing tap water consumption and competitors
that play a tough price war
Evian: Baby & Me
Business objectives (Client Brief)…
Reconnect with the youth platform (15+)
Reinforce the youth message and build proximity to
enhance brand preference and bonding
Generate additional volume sales (penetration in
premium markets/frequency in mainstream ones)
Evian: Baby & Me
Communication Objectives….
Reconnect on the in-depth meaning of the youth for
the Evian brand
Justify the brand utility and give consumers a
good reason to pay 3 times the price for water that
flows freely on tap, in times of recession
Evian: Baby & Me
Media Objectives…
Create maximum amount of earned media from a low
Leverage the power of people
Prioritise eventful activation and maximise quality of
the brand experience
Push but don’t impose – expandable via a click, but
also skipable. A share logic rather than a mass media
pressure with an hour by hour check maximum amount
of earned media from a low
Evian: Baby & Me
Youths 15+, Evian’s fans, clients and friends
Psychographic segmentation – as life expectancy lengthens, youths
have become one of the strongest stirring aspiration for people. They do
not only expect to live longer, but want to live better. They also feel the
need to be empowered, to be at the centre of things and need to be given
means to express themselves.
Behavioral segmentation – people do not differentiate waters from a
rationale standpoint and tend to share beliefs that all waters are equal.
Promotion has become a key driver of the category. In economic
recession, challenges on purchasing power make consumers more
reluctant to buy bottled water which is 3 times the cost of tap water.
Bottled water is a commodity and buying it makes you a bad citizen.
Media segmentation – they feel the new digital world gives them
control over the aspects of their lives. 61% think social media gives
younger generations a new power
Evian: Baby & Me
Creative Strategy…
Release entertainment content that touches people,
makes them feel concerned and gives them desire to
share, engage and interact
Break free from the water category rules and act like a
big lovable and exciting brand (Evian is not a water brand
but a soft drink that is about sheer entertainment)
Tone of Voice
Exhilarating and entertaining
Evian: Baby & Me
Big Idea…
Invite everyone to meet their inner baby (by shedding
new light on the youth benefit) in an explicit and personal
manner – starting with their own self
‘Express the child we have in us’
(Evian Baby & Me stages encounters of adults with their
reflection as babies)
Reason to Believe
Entertainment content touches people, makes them feel
concerned and gives them desire to share

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