tunisian revolution

tunisian revolution

Order Description

the topic is Tunisia Revolution 2011
the main argument is how this revolution happened and why it was nonviolent revolution?
also try to find if there is an aggressive or violent actions that happened during the revolution.
thesis: the nonviolent action is required for this revolution>
Also, need to show the non violent methods that people was doing for this revolution for example social media

the total of the sources should be 11
and please use these resources :

Gelvin, James L. (2012). The Arab Uprisings. Oxford
MacCaffrey, Paul. (2012). The Arab Spring. The Reference Shelf.
Sharp G. (1994).From Dictatorship to Democracy. The Albert Einstein Institution
Wolfsfeld, G., Segev, E., & Sheafer, T. (2013). Social Media and the Arab Spring:

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