Topic: personel intrspective(reflective essay)

Topic: personel intrspective(reflective essay)

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a re submitted peace of work doing for a better grade I need a new piece of work doing on a reflective essay its 1600 words .for this assignment you are required to highlight specific areas of communication which have stood out for you during the first semester of this module. You should give a brief outline of the method or theory(providing accurate references and citations through out your work) and then explaine why this is important for working with people in the social care sector.
you should use examples of experiances and situations where you have implemented your learning and evaluate the can draw upon experiances in the classroom or on social care practice if you are on placement.
you need to ask questions such as
why did I choose this method
how well did it work in this situation?
what could I have done differently to get a better outcome?
how has this helped me develop my practical skills?
any actions for furture practice?
please do not plagarise and needs to be in the essay should have a introduction main body and conclusion along with refrencing and needs to be refrenced in uk when using the health service and make sure grammer is not in anything else than uk you need to put in about gibbs reflective model I need to pass this with a 40/49 percent when you are reflecting on the scenario you need to put in what your feelings were what the evaluation was analysis conclusion and action plan

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