Topic: Book Reflection on 6 Books

Topic: Book Reflection on 6 Books

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2-3 page reflection for each of the six books. Each reflection should include APA style references to include, at minimum, the leadership book being discussed. Attached will be rubrics for the first three books and another general rubric for the last three.

This assignment will be turned in to so it has to all be original, minus the citations and references

The Books are as follows

1. Goldring, E.B. (2008, September). Leading with data: Pathways to improve your school.
2. Marx, G. (2006, January). Future-focused leadership: Preparing schools, students and
communities for tomorrow’s realities.
3. Tschannen-Moran, M. (2004, August). Trust matters: Leadership for successful schools.
4. BRAVO Principal!, by Sandra Harris –
5. Schools of FISH!: Welcome Back to the Reason You Became an Educator, by Philip Strand –
6. What Great Principals Do Differently: Fifteen Things That Matter Most, by Todd Whitaker –

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