Topic: Amazon, A Decade In Business And Still No Profits

Topic: Amazon, A Decade In Business And Still No Profits

Order Description

Chapter Description Word Count*
Contents Page Contents of the Management Consulting Report.
Executive Summary Introduction to the project. Summary of
key points from each section of your
report. It should provide an overview of
the report.
1,000 Words
Company Details Includes:
1. General background and industry
2. Specific problem/opportunity the
company faces
2,000 Words
Research Programme Detail the methods you have used to
investigate the problem/opportunity.
Justify why your chosen method is
suitable to answer the area you are
addressing. Note ? this is to be a
practical chapter, research philosophy
need not be addressed.
2,000 Words
Conduct an investigation into the
problem/opportunity the company faces.
This will be based on secondary
published material about the company.
2,500 Words
A review of academic literature, trade
publications and industry analysis that
relate to the focal area. From this
identify potential solutions to problems
or how opportunities can be maximised.
2,500 Words
Feasibility Study Evaluate the feasibility of your proposed
solutions. This should include a
reasoned theoretical evaluation of the
feasibility of the solutions presented
given the limitations of the company and
the marketplace.
2,500 Words
Discussion &
Present an overview of the project and
its practical contribution to the business.
Identify benefits and future implications
as well as limitations to the project.
2,500 Words
References A-Z (by author) list of all secondary materials used.
Appendix Unlikely to be required for a secondary data based research

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