TikTok: Creativity, Collaboration, and the Art of Effecting Change

Blogger Eugene Wei astutely states that TikTok relies on a network effect of creativity, meaning “…that every
additional user on TikTok makes every other user more creative.”
TikTok has a strong form of this type of network effect. They explicitly lower the barrier to the literal
remixing of everyone else’s content. In their app, they have a wealth of features that make it dead simple
to grab any element from another TikTok and incorporate it into a new TikTok. (Wei, “American Idle.”)
Please write a five-paragraph essay on the topics below. Please make sure your essay is at least 700 words:
Paragraph One: “Innovation compounds as more ideas from more people collide.” (Wei, American
Idle.”) Describe a series of videos on TikTok that are a collaboration between three or more people.
Discuss the ‘network effect of creativity’ as explained above. Explain why the collaboration works.
Some things to think about:
Are the creators using the duet feature to create collaboration?
Are the creators collaborating by reacting to each other or reacting to feedback from the TikTok
community? If so, how?
Is the collaboration original content or a reproduction/remix/update of already existing content
or an already existing meme or trend?
Does music play a part in the collaboration?
Include links to the videos you discuss.
Paragraph Two: Describe a series of videos on TikTok that tell a story. Discuss why the story was
meaningful to you. Include links to the videos you discuss.
Paragraph Three: Many of the videos on TikTok are ‘explainer’ videos that are trying to change the
world for the better. Analyze a video or series of videos on TikTok that created change, raised
awareness of a social issue, or made the world a better place, (or at least tried to create change.)
Identify the issue and how the creator attempted to create awareness. Include link(s) to the video you
Paragraph Four: How many truly original ideas are there? Analyze a video on TikTok you think is
creative, original, or innovative and discuss how/why it is different or unique. Some things to think
Did the creator use a video filter or the duet feature in a creative or innovative way?
Is the idea in the video unique in of itself or is it the way the idea is presented?
Is the material being presented original or a creative/unique take on already existing material (a
remix, and update, or reinvention)?
Include a link to the video you discuss.
Paragraph Five: Conclude by describing what TikTok means to you and then analyze your favorite
TikTok video and discuss why it is your favorite. Include a link to the video you discuss.
(Wei, Eugene. “American Idle.” Remains of the Day, 26 Mar. 2020,
https://www.eugenewei.com/blog/2021/2/15/american-idle. Accessed 24 Oct. 2021.)

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