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Writer: this is case 3, you have written case 1,2.I will attached case 2,3 slp Thanks
Actions for Anchoring Bias
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What is the Anchoring bias? How might is play a role in the decision in SLP 2/SLP 3? In what way might this bias cause error in the estimation of the probabilities? How could you mitigate the effect of this bias?

Week 1: Provide your initial discussion post to the question. Be sure to include references to any resources you used. You should use at least one resource to help you with your initial discussion.

Week 2: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts. Your response should be substantive and further the discussion. It is OK to be critical and use critical thinking. That means you can question what your classmates say. Do they provide their own critical thinking and logic?

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