Theory Analysis

Complete the graphic organizer below that compares and contrasts the theorists that emphasize how children construct knowledge.

You will find the information needed to complete the graphic organizer in the attached text information on “Theories focusing on how children construct knowledge”

Compare/Contrast Graphic Organizer

Directions: The three theorists listed below focus on how children construct knowledge. There are great similarities among these theories as well as some differences. Using the information in the text, compare and contrast the information provided and SUMMARIZE it by completing the graphic organizer below. ( I started Dewey and Piaget for you). A minimum of 3 is needed, in each box, for all 3 theorists.

John Dewey

Jean Piaget

Lev Vygotsky
Similarities Similarities Similarities
1.Believed in four primary interests of children.


  1. Piaget’s perspective on how children’s knowledge develops is called constructivism. Differences Additional Info Additional Info Additional Info

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