Theories of leadership

In this course, you have studied multiple theories of leadership. However, the study and advancement of leadership theories continues to evolve with new or alternative leadership theories being proposed on a regular basis. In this assignment, reflect on what you have learned in the course and propose key competencies you believe will be needed by leaders in the future.

Reflect on the course leadership theories and their essential elements.
Propose two to three core leadership styles that you believe are essential for 21st-century leaders.
Provide a sound rationale for your selection of these leadership styles and the core elements needed within each style.
Explain how followership and ethics play a role in the application of these styles in the real world today.
Citations are required including in-text referencing followed by a list of three to five scholarly references in APA Style. The writing must be in your own words. This writing assignment should be 3 to 5 pages (700 to 1500 words) using 12-point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins. Citations/references should not be included in

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