Theories of labor

For this essay, You need to focus your analysis on one or two of the concepts that best fit your work situation.
Secondly, The aim is to describe your experiences (in the first person) and the extent to which they correspond
(or not!) to the concepts and theories we have been discussing.
Thirdly, Paper must focus on the relationship between labour and space.
This is a research essay. Your paper should incorporate at least 6-7 academic sources.
Technical concepts we learned in class:
Taylorism and scientific management, soldiering, time-motion studies, digital Taylorism, Fordism, lean
production, immaterial labour, aesthetic labour, emotional labour, affective labour, workplace organizing, the
rise of a flexible labour force (and functional, numerical and financial flexibility), workfare or unemployment,
workplace performances, precarious work, free labour, the feminization of work, the order of service, forms of
workplace resistance or alternative workplaces.

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